Indie Comix Fest 2017 marks its debut edition with resounding success2017-12-19 17:51:31

Comix India-backed Indie Comix Fest debuted with its maiden edition on 2 October 2017 in Colaba’s Y.W.C.A and suffice to say, the event was a resounding success. Mumbai-based Crimzon studios, one of the participants, introduced new series The Anthology, and founder-director Amit Ghadge exulted about the fine start to the Indie Comix Fest. - READ MORE

PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: Kid Brooklyn2017-12-19 17:47:35

Crimzon Studio’s art is mind-blowing. Tina Ghadge and Dennis Calero’s colors give the script and art weight. They make the characters, both the human and alien ones, have form and substance on the printed and digital page. - READ MORE

how calvin and hobbes have left a mark in the lives of comic folks2015-12-01 19:13:11

The adorable comic strip characters who have won hearts across age groups by being real and true to themselves, Calvin and Hobbes, just turned 30 on 18 November, 2015. On this occasion, we got in touch with a few industry folks, to know how they feel about these two characters - READ MORE

Friends of Friends2015-08-04 12:13:28

On the occasion of Friendship Day, spoke to a few folks from the Animation, Gaming and Comics industry - READ MORE

The Evolution of Graphic Novels2015-06-11 20:13:53

Today, the country seems to be witnessing a new trend that is leaning towards graphic novels. So, what does it take to be a graphic novelist in India? Find out on this episode of NDTV Heads Up - READ MORE

The Evolution of Graphic Novels2015-06-11 20:11:52

The Evolution of Graphic Novels

Crimzon Studio’s tryst with ‘Last Starfleet’ and its outlandish artwork2015-04-27 11:23:53

Imagine one day, an asteroid the size of the moon was to hit planet Earth and kill every human that resided on it - READ MORE

The Genre Game in Comics2015-03-16 15:45:35

Comics are capable of being initiators into the wonderful habit of reading. Archies, Batman, Phantom, Raj Comics and Amar Chitra Katha are some of the great comics of all time - READ MORE

The Bridge- Train of Thoughts | Graphic Novel Review2015-03-16 15:42:29

The Bridge is a love song to Mumbai Local Trains. The ‘Lifeline of Mumbai’ as they are often termed as, sets in motion the path to self discovery, redemption and everything in between - READ MORE

Aditya's Comic Book Reviews2015-03-16 15:31:13

It has a slightly uneven start to a quirky concept that almost works. The writer’s Avinash Singh & Vijay Verma have given each character enough of a chance to find their way into readers minds and hearts - READ MORE

Train of Thoughts: The Bridge – A Sneak Peek2014-12-26 16:15:35

An anthology of stories based on the trials and tribulations of the Mumbai local trains - READ MORE

Get ready to board the 'Train of Thoughts' with Crimzon Studio2014-12-26 16:00:20

Every person who travels in the train has an unusual trait, each one of us has a story to tell and has been a hero to someone at some point - READ MORE

Rising From The East: 6 New Comics From India Reviewed2014-12-26 15:57:16

The Indian comics scene has come a long way from where it was half a decade ago - READ MORE

COMIC TIME!2014-12-26 15:56:05

Comic's are form of artwork which take us to whole new scenario or rather world - READ MORE

The Wreck Age at Comic Con Bangalore 20142014-09-25 13:33:08

Bangalore’s first full fledged Comic Con, that took place over the weekend of 12th-14th September-READ MORE

The Wreck Age set to hit Bangalore Comic Con2014-09-17 19:26:29

If you need an extra-ordinary experience through the form of art, then you could definitely buy a comic published by Mumbai-based Crimzon Studio.-READ MORE

Crimzon Studio Presents Train of Thoughts2014-06-18 13:01:28

Crimzon Studio taps into this rich vein of stories with its in-house graphic novel “Train of Thoughts” - READ MORE

COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Devil’s Pool #12014-04-21 18:32:34

In many of our favorite comic book stories the places, people, and events are totally fictional. - READ MORE

crimzon studio unveils project slate interview2014-03-03 19:38:04 caught up with Amit, a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Founder of Crimzon Studio - READ MORE

The Grand Tour Game2014-01-24 11:39:12

The Grand Tour is great entertainment for the whole family. Artwork by Crimzon Studio - READ MORE

Introducing Devi Chaudhurani as Prafulya2014-01-21 11:40:25

‘Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devi Chaudhurani: The Graphic Novel Adaptation’ is a production of Yali Dream Creations (Sunnyvale, California) - READ MORE

Grimm Fairy Tales: Zombies Cursed #12013-12-20 23:44:16

All over the world, zombies are crawling from their graves and feasting on human flesh - READ MORE

Preview: Grimm Fairy Tales: Zombies #12013-12-20 23:42:28

All over the world, zombies are crawling from their graves and feasting on human flesh. Elijah, a time-lost hunter with a dark past, knows that it falls upon him to become the hero he was destined to be - READ MORE

The last update before rewards go out!!!2013-12-20 23:37:33

TDP is nearing completion. The art is done and the layout is complete - READ MORE

STINKY2013-12-20 23:29:57

"Stinky" is an 8 page horror story that will be the second half of the horror flip book one shot - READ MORE

New Review and Links to Check Out!2013-12-20 23:25:53

take a moment to check out the sites linked below. As a hard working writer/publisher I can tell you that there’s nothing easy about putting your own books together. Give it up for these guys! - READ MORE

diwali wish (uals) from the indian animation fraternity2013-12-20 23:21:59

This Diwali,the readers of are in for a visual treat.Our artist and studio friends from across India have created special Diwali wishes for all of you. - READ MORE